Frigate-hass-card doesn't work


i’m trying to use the frigate card, but i’m not able to load my camera

i didn’t find an example on how to configure it
any suggestion?


Not to sure what you have tried as you have not stated your steps, but have you installed the integration card from the integration page ? this will then generate your entities for HA once configured then you should be able to select your cameras for the hass-card.

if you have done this maybe a restart as well, and i just thought i’m running my frigate on a separate machine so maybe this does not apply to your case ?

If the camera is unavailable that has nothing to do with the card, seems like the camera entity isn’t working

You are right. the Camera streaming was frozen.
once I fixed the camera stream, the frigate card started work

now I have the second dummy question
I’m running the frigate docker on a separate host, how I can add the other menu

or they are available only when frigate is on the same box?


Set the value in the config Frigate host on the card. It doesn’t matter if they’re on the same host or not

@crzynik , thank you
sorry for asking, but there is a specific setting I need to configure?
I only configured the camera settings