Frigate Hassio addon

I am sucessfully using the Frigate addon for HA in combination with a Onvif compatible camera.
My aim is to be able to save a limited amount of video while another sensor detects motion.
So far using an automation I am able to start recording.
However I am unable to stop recording without stopping the addon.

Is there an argument to affect this via ffmpeg outputargs
# Optional: output args for record streams (default: shown below)
record: -f segment -segment_time 60 -segment_format mp4 -reset_timestamps 1
-strftime 1 -c copy -an

There does not appear to be any effect with the snapshot command and I don't see how
to invoke taking clips without using motion detection directly in Frigate.`

Thanks for your help

Frigate has this inbuilt. You can trigger snapshots and clips from Frigate, versus an external automation.

Thanks for the answer.

When you write “versus an external automation” do you mean you can only do snapshots and clips from Frigate via its own motion detection or is there an API or something else to do it with (like a MQTT message, service calls, automation etc)?

As far as recording is concerned are you saying that there is only 24/7 recording and configuring the number of days to retain those which is possible?

Thanks again

I don’t know about ‘only’ in Frigate, but what I do know is that Frigate includes a feature that takes a snapshot and/or records a clip. I also am not aware of a retention definition feature. Self cleanup would probably be required, but that would be a great feature. I’m only taking snapshots automatically, and I’m manually cleaning them up.

@sedash hi there, I’m experimenting with this addon as well, would you mind sharing your experience, i.e how you start frigate recognition manually and just in case if you found out how you stop it. Btw do you use Coral? On the other thread (DOODS which I have tried as well) people are saying it’s not that satisfactory although very fast.

There’s a retention feature for clips, snapshots and recordings, read here: Frigate Configuration | Frigate

  # Optional: Maximum length of time to retain video during long events. (default: shown below)
  # NOTE: If an object is being tracked for longer than this amount of time, the cache
  #       will begin to expire and the resulting clip will be the last x seconds of the event.
  max_seconds: 300
  # Optional: size of tmpfs mount to create for cache files (default: not set)
  # mount -t tmpfs -o size={tmpfs_cache_size} tmpfs /tmp/cache
  # NOTICE: Addon users must have Protection mode disabled for the addon when using this setting.
  # Also, if you have mounted a tmpfs volume through docker, this value should not be set in your config.
  tmpfs_cache_size: 256m
  # Optional: Retention settings for clips (default: shown below)
    # Required: Default retention days (default: shown below)
    default: 10
    # Optional: Per object retention days
      person: 15
    # Optional: Configuration for the jpg snapshots written to the clips directory for each event
      # Optional: Enable writing jpg snapshot to /media/frigate/clips (default: shown below)
      # This value can be set via MQTT and will be updated in startup based on retained value
      enabled: True
      # Optional: print a timestamp on the snapshots (default: shown below)
      timestamp: False
      # Optional: draw bounding box on the snapshots (default: shown below)
      bounding_box: False
      # Optional: crop the snapshot (default: shown below)
      crop: False
      # Optional: height to resize the snapshot to (default: original size)
      height: 270
      # Optional: Camera override for retention settings (default: global values)
        # Required: Default retention days (default: shown below)
        default: 10
        # Optional: Per object retention days
          person: 15
# Optional: 24/7 recording configuration
  # Optional: Enable recording (default: global setting)
  enabled: False
  # Optional: Number of days to retain (default: global setting)
  retain_days: 30
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