Frigate help for zone and triggers

hey guys

need some help figuring something out.
i wanted to add a zone to one of my cameras to work as an additional “motion sensor”.
meaning - regardless of the “normal” camera operation (which works fine for many months now), i want to add a “zone” to specifically spot a door within the frame, and have that as separated motion sensor within home assistant to trigger when the door open/close (dont care “what” changed it state - “person” or else)

i thought adding a zone will do the trick, but now i think that the “general” camera settings, that only detects “person” with 70% or more, are getting in the way.

this is the code, any help will be gr8

        - path: rtsp://
            - detect
            - record
      enabled: True
        days: 1
        mode: motion
          default: 1
          mode: active_objects
      width: 640
      height: 360
        - person
      enabled: true
      timestamp: true
      bounding_box: true
        default: 1
            - 349,0,362,175,222,165,231,0
            - 640,0,640,239,446,146,466,0
        - 332,0,336,93,234,93,233,0
        - 640,0,640,184,465,136,473,0
        coordinates: 137,360,218,360,207,30,99,38


It’s not clear what exactly is wrong here (what is not working the way you want it), but to be clear zones are only meant for object detection. We do not support zone based motion detection.

You can specify objects within a zone also:

        coordinates: 983,448,948,475,697,331,1058,326,1152,367,1061,431
          - person
          - dog
          - cat
          - bear
          - bicycle

Your config has camera set to only detect person.

If you look at entitied in the frigate integration page you should find all available frigate entites. Sort by your zone “entrance” and you should find what you want. Again, you set camera to only detect person. As FYI the “track” can be added to zone.

first of all, thank you all for trying to help, i know “it goes without saying” as that is how forum’s work, but i am still appreciative for it :slight_smile:
to sum things up:

  1. as @crzynik said - i cant make the new zone to work as “general motion sensor” (and that is what i wanted to do)
  2. i figured as much, regarding what @tmjpugh mentioned. my original config was "zones"less, and i only wanted “person” detection. (though apparently we have some very “person-like” cats around here that passes as “person” with 70%… ;))

ok so with your kind help lets try going back to the drawing board with my problem, as you all might have a better solutions for me

i act as ‘House committee’ in our apartment’s building, and we have some cameras covering the front entrance.
on top of the cameras capturing any “person” related event, i wanted to use the cameras to further send notifications if someone actually enters the lobby - which require opening and entering the main door.
I understand that a simple motion sensor within the lobby, or a door sensor would be an easy fix, but its not really an option, and i rather do it with the cameras that are already there - if possible.

any thoughts?

I have an automation that detects when a person gets onto my front porch.
Once you set up a zone, you should see that as an entity in the Frigate integration.

You can use those entities in automations. You would want to use Person Occupancy.

understood, and i guess that what i will do.

however, b4 giving up, and based on what @crzynik said, regarding the non supported zone based motion detection - can i maybe “reverse” everything?
meaning - i will leave the desired door as “main” camera, while masking all around it as a “zone”…
will that work as “motion sensor” for that door, while all area around it will be filtered for “person”?

how will that look in HA?
just a thought…

Masks are not meant to be used that way and it will most definitely result in many issues.

Are you overthinking things?

You want to know if person enters lobby.
Object detection for person can provide this. I currently use this at my gate to notify me of person/car needing entry in place of doorbell. Motion detection would likely result in false alarm or same result.

Motioneye provide zone base motion detection but i feel frigate object detection works better and will meet your requirements

All this is dependent on camera position but i expect this is not issue. Lower % if you miss detections.

I used motioneye before frigate, and I’m also familiar with Shinobi (which I also still use}. But for the integration with home assistant, I do believe frigate is the best option.

Thanks guys,
I feel like I have enough pointers to retry this.