Frigate I.O.S notifications, App freezes


When I get a notification of on my IPhone and I press it, the clip(recording) will open and play but after it plays the app is frozen and I am unable to return to the menu.
The only way to get back is to delete the app and re-install.
I am using hunterjm blueprint

alias: Frigate Notification (0.10.0) front door cam
description: ‘’
path: hunterjm/frigate_0.10_notification.yaml
notify_device: a6c469c28f95f5ecc3a54********
camera: frontdoor
- person
iPhone 11 running ios 15.6.
I have just set Frigate up today using HA add on and integration.

I have the same issue. It’s very annoying.

I’ve encountered the same with notifications sent to IOS devices by methods other than HunterJM Blueprint. You may want to raise this as a companion app topic

Thanks for the replies.
I’ll try and work on a manual automation that just gives me a snapshot jpg with the notification.
Any ideas?