Frigate Lovelace Card + Camera Detection Switch Overlay

I’m using the Frigate HACS integration with the Frigate Card Lovelace Frontend customization and it works fairly well but I really want to have a button for controlling the detection on each camera. There’s already an entity for switch.front_door_detect and I noticed on the Frigate Card Github Site and the information page on the HACS Frigate Lovelace Card there are a few screenshots that show what I want but none of my cameras have that button! :confused:

From the Frigate Card Github Site:

From one of my cameras:

I’m running:

  • Frigate 0.9.1 (stable)
  • HACS Frigate NVR Custom Component v2.1.0
  • HACS Frigate Lovelace Card v1.2.0

I also noticed that on the Frigate Card information page (and github site) that it says:


This example allows access to the detection, recordings and snapshots switches
from the menu. It also enables a different entity to trigger a card update (but
without appearing in the menu).

 - entity: switch.front_door_recordings
 - entity: switch.front_door_snapshots
 - entity: switch.front_door_detect
 - entity: binary_sensor.front_door_person_motion
   show: false

I tried installing WebRTC and using these options to enable, specifically, the switch.front_door_detect that is explicitly listed in the example and I was still unable to get it to show up in the custom overlay menu…

What am I doing wrong and how can I get this to work?

I think you have to take the condition element…wait I’ll try to find the part in the wiki

          - type: conditional
              - entity: binary_sensor.motion_bla_bla
                state: 'on'
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Yup, you were right! That got my pointed in the correct direction. Thank you @thundergreen!

Just wanna share my awesome Lovelace card (put in swipe card). My Foscam with PTZ function finally :slight_smile:

small update: