Frigate Mobile App Notifications 2.0

Very possible, though i’m not sure of the best way to implement.

For now you could create a template sensor which only becomes true after x time and use the state of that.

Please could you explain what you mean by this? This may be what I’ve been looking for.

The state entity referred to is an additional condition I added where you can pick an entity and only send notifications when it is in one of the states chosen by you.

e.g I only notify my phone when my front door is locked (because usually if it is unlocked, I am the one triggering frigate event. )

Thank You so much for your efforts!

Hi all,

I have a working Frigate, MQTT in HA in a Portainer Stack. I can get my own manually made simple automations to work based on a Device entity state change or sensor. But I wanted to pass the snapshot of what it detected so when I get a notification, I have some context vs having to login to Frigate, find the camera, find the recording, go back to the time where the event happened, etc.

I stumbled on this blueprint, and I imagined it would just work but unfortunately nothing happens on my end. I specify the Camera and the Device. Nothing happens. I don’t know where to begin to diagnose this, but Frigate is detecting stuff, everything working fine on that end. HA sees Frigate, sees all the entities and is able to fire a notification if I create one manually. But for some reason any automation created with the blueprint just sits there in idle and does not ever trigger.

Just looking to see where I can begin to figure out how to diagnose this and fix it. Otherwise, is there a simple way to pass the snapshot to the notification via a simple manual automation?


Are you using the one in the OP or a fork like mine?

ETA: Unless something in frigate has changed, the OP one requires a fix to work with 0.11+, hence my fixed version exists

I have tried both. Getting the same result unfortunately.

Your script actually sees my cameras in the list and picks them properly. But despite all of that I cannot get the most basic notification to work. Literally nothing happens.

Where can someone look to see why an automation is not firing? I am completely in the dark trying to figure out how to get this to work.

Thank you

Happy to take it to PM if you want to share a bunch of detail without clogging up the thread.

Things I look for initially are
which blueprint is being used? (stick with mine to help me troubleshoot)
what is the automation config? (yaml)
is the frigate integration installed/working (sounds like it is)
is mqtt installed and working?

If required we can also look at your frigate config.

Thank you, that would be extremely helpful! I greatly apologize for the following stupid question but I cannot for the life of me find a way to send you a PM. Not sure if I simply am unable to do this because of the age of this account (I just created it today). I don’t see any way to send a PM, DM or any form of direct messaging in your card or profile page.

Sent you one.

Hey Sarge, so ever since I’ve installed your blueprint, I’m not get notifications across any of my cameras.
I even tried recreating my automation from earlier with the old version of the frigate notification, and I get nothing. I’m getting events to the frigate addon in HA, because I can see all the clips on the dashboard.

I can test send a notification to my group configured in my configuration.yaml file, and those come through. Any suggestions where to look to track down where the failure is occuring?

Send me a message with your blueprint config. (automation yaml)

Also your config for the family group.

Let me know if my reply made it to you. I was only able to embed one object at a time. Thanks again.

I just wanted to post back here after much back and forth with SgtBatten and I ruling things out we came to the conclusion that dashes (-) in camera name cause the blueprint to not work. The solution was to rename the cameras in the frigate.yml from front-camera to frontcam and it immediately started working.

Thanks for your patience and help SgtBatten.

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Oh cool.

I thought I had it figured out to resolve hyphens using the beta blueprint though so that’s a bummer.

Aaah this could be why @SgtBatten Blueprint never worked for me… All my cameras have hyphens in them…

Any other workaround? Instead of renaming cameras and possibly breaking other Automations…

As far as I know the original doesn’t work with hyphens either based on earlier discussion in this thread.

Did you try my beta? I tried to resolve it in that one.

The original did seem to work for me with Hyphens.

I have now updated to the Beta one and will see if it works, thanks!

Oh yes because you have to type the name of the camera in that rather than select the entity. I remember now.

In any case. I can fix the blueprint for you, just let me know how it goes with beta

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@SgtBatten Good day. I was able to install your revised blueprint and it worked wonderfully. Thanks for taking time to support this!


Got it working thanks for the assistance @SgtBatten

Now trying to get the disable_times working, I set them from 5 - 19 - Thus I only want notifications outside of these time.

Yet the condition seems to be True all the time:

Executed: January 6, 2023 at 14:07:07
result: true
entities: []

When I enter the values into the Developer Tools, then I get the expected result of False:

When I replace this condition

"{{ not disable_times|length or not now().hour in disable_times }}"

with this

"{{'false' if now().hour in [5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19] else 'true'}}"