Frigate Mobile App Notifications 2.0

Does anyone have this working with the frigate 0.12 beta? I tried the beta, but the notifications didn’t include the clips/snapshots.

Yes, which blueprint are you using?

I’m running Frigate Notification ( - SgtB

I’ve been using that with frigate 0.12 beta 5 and 7 sor far.

If you can provide the config of the automation and look for any errors too we can work it out.

For me Frigate Notification ( - SgtB doen’t work but this fix does:
Frigate Mobile App Notifications - #568 by SgtBatten

here is my config

id: '1676196065406'
alias: Frigate Notification Camera HikVision Rue Test new BluePrint
description: ''
  path: SgtBatten/frigate_0.11_notification.yaml
    tv_transparency: 0%
    camera: camera.camera_hikvision_rue_frigate
    notify_device: **********************
    critical: 'true'

Please try the lastest Version

That’s the version I have actually.
Wrong copy paste, sorry

the last beta does not work either

Please check the traces to see where it is failing. If you have no traces then please confirm the camera name in frigate is camera_hikvision_rue_frigate

It doesn’t get triggered.
in Frigate, the camera is Camera_HikVision_Rue.
The name you have is the entity name picked by your Blueprint from the Frigate integration. I changed it manually there.

Why does the entity id in the automation have _frigate at the end?

It needs to match the frigate config (capitals are okay).

Edit: oh did you change the entity id in the frigate integration?
Try setting in yaml mode of the automation to match the frigate config.

Im experiencing that sgtbatten blueprint make notifications before the Detection have been confirmed. I get pop up with a picture and when i wanna see video og snapshot its not there… And the video etc. Is not in frigate either. How do I avoid these false notifications?

editing in yaml fixed it
May I suggest to add a note in your Blueprint to highlight that if entites were modified, it requires some editing in yaml?

@SgtBatten Thanks for your support BTW

Yes I will add a note.

There will always be a slight delay before the video is available. The notification is meant to trigger immediately, and the videos will be available as soon as frigate saves the first segment of the event.

I very rarely get a snapshot with no video. This usually means your snapshot settings are different to your event settings in frigate.

Are you saying all notifications are like this?

Hello, how and where did you do this? How can I change the blueprint?
Thanks for the solution.

A lot has changed since that post. What issue are you currently having?

If you need to edit a blueprint you need access to the blueprint yaml file. If you have a text editor installed within ha this should be easy, they are in config/blueprints/automation

Ok, thanks. It s working now like it should.

I just updated from .08 to .12 on @SgtBatten’s version, and I’m no longer getting the snapshot photos in the notification consistently. I get one about every 10 or so notifications. When I look at the jpg url in Traces, I’m able to see the photo fine in a browser.

Please provide the automation config (yaml) as well as a screenshot of the trace graphic when this occurs. Are you on iOS or Android?

Appreciate the help, I’m on Android. I am getting the occasional notification with an attached image, but not all the time. It is happening on different automations and different cameras as well as a freshly imported blueprint and one I just pasted over from the original.

This one did not have an image associated in the notification but I did receive a notification as shown in the screenshot and can view the image in the notification part of the trace:

id: '1677435753322'
alias: Frigate Notification ( - Garage
description: ''
  path: hunterjm/frigate_notification.yaml
    tv_transparency: 0%
    camera: camera.garage
    notify_group: notify_phones
    alert_once: true
    zone_filter: true
      - driveway
      - front_yard
    silence_timer: 5
    cooldown: 10
    button_3: Silence
    tv_size: large
    update_thumbnail: false
    tv_position: center