Frigate Mobile App Notifications 2.0

No worries. Happy to help if there’s still an issue

Is it possible to perform some additional action after detection? I wanted to include additional actions in Node-Red, but unfortunately I don’t know how to combine it.
I’m currently trying to make some virtual notify.dummy object and read its state in node-red, but I can’t find if such a virtual notify entity is possible.

i assume you would be able to trigger via an automation.

just opened up my camera in frigate in Ha and clicked automations… lots of standard options.

I setup this notification up the other day and it works great on mobile devices (Android).

Today, I tried to set it up on my Sony TV with Android TV built in. The Frigate notification works
fine, but I cannot see a way to dismiss the notification. Only a restart of the Android OS removes it.

Anyone else experienced anything similar and is there a setting that I am missing? I have already tried toggling the ‘(Optional) TV Notification Interrupt’.

Other notification to the TV disappear accordance to the timeout values set.

Just tried to install this, and set it up. It is not triggering for me at all. The event shows up in Frigate, but the Automation remains Never triggered. Any ideas?

Two possible things you’ll need to do.

  1. Install the frigate integration if you don’t have it installed.

  2. Use tthis updated version of the blueprint instead of the original.

  3. @Sh500 pointed it out below but has edited the post so i’ll put it here too, your trigger zone needs a hypen and space before it. See examples of how lists look in the description of the blueprint at the top of the automation.

Hmm I’m not sure.

I have interrupt off and they self dismiss with no interaction after the timeout.

I’ll see if I can test with interrupt on later today.

Can you give an example of a working notification, send one via the services tab if need be.
Also share the yaml of your automation which is not clearing properly.


This is an automation that does work on the TV:

alias: "Lounge Motion on TV message "
description: ""
  - type: motion
    platform: device
    device_id: cbdb9a6ca9262f7554d24f90e566d6c9
    entity_id: binary_sensor.lounge
    domain: binary_sensor
condition: []
  - service:
      title: "Lounge Motion "
      message: Detected
mode: single

Is this enough for the Frigate automation that I’m using?

description: ""
  path: SgtBatten/frigate_0.11_notification.yaml
    tv_transparency: 0%
    camera: camera.cam_front_door
    notify_group: tv
      - person
    tv: true
    tv_interrupt: true

@SgtBatten I had previously tried removing and re-adding the ‘Android TV notifications’ integration, but that didn’t seem to make a difference. Today I also did the same but also doing the same with ‘Android TV’ integration and now, the notifications are auto-dismissing at least.

But if I have the ‘TV Notification interrupt’ option enabled, I am unable to dismiss it or perform anything else with it. An Android OS restart is the only way to remove it.

@SgtBatten did you use the feature in your blueprint or is this planned :
iOS devices support live previews of cameras from frigate 12?

Note that iOS devices support live previews of cameras by adding a camera entity id to the message data.

With actual beta blueprint I gut the same. With an blueprint a few month old it works fine.

I found it: in generated url there are two / after / api/frigate

I think it hast to do with empty client id


I think this is the problem:
client_id: “{{’/’ + input_client_id if ‘/’ not in input_client_id else input_client_id }}”

This add an unessesary / when client_id is empty and corrupt the url

Does the beta blueprint show snapshots in Frigate 12 for you guys? I’m getting a: Failed to load attachment, response status code was unacceptable: 404

I can see the snapshots and recordings in media on Home Assistant - thanks!

See post above


Thanks for the updated blueprint for 0.11.

For the part where you can set the Notification Group, how do I go about creating a group that contains both my wife’s and my phone in it? I have created groups via the helpers configuration before and also added one in the yaml to define a collection of person.{name} entities, but I don’t know the format for creating a group of devices (phones in my case) for the recipients?

Thanks, I’ve updated it. Found it last night too when trying to troubleshoot tv notifications. Sorry about that.

You’ll need to make notify groups in yaml.

Try beta 13d for IOS live view. I can’t test.

I observed this now, using interrupt set to true. I’d never used it before.

I noticed when it first appeared it had a border highlighted around it, as soon as i pressed an arrow key on the remote it went away and i assume that stopped me being able to action it. Perhaps if id pressed back or ok first it would have gone away. Maybe we just need to work out what the close button needs to be and ensure it gets hit first. Otherwise, i’m just going to use the timeout and interrupt false.

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Thanks, found out the syntax for the device names from another thread along with you pointer.

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I have one further problem I am experiencing with this feature if you are able to help…

When I get a notification on my iPhone, the thumbnail image is present, but the video tries to go to the following url


This returns a 404-not found error.

If I look for the same clip within the Frigate front end, the clip is there, but presented as


so the path is different, “frigate/notifications” changes to “events” and the camera name is removed.

Is there a configuration setting I have missed that’s mis-presenting the URLs in the notifications?

I’m running Frigate 0.11.1 and HA 2023.3.1