Frigate Mobile App Notifications 2.0

Does the beta blueprint show snapshots in Frigate 12 for you guys? I’m getting a: Failed to load attachment, response status code was unacceptable: 404

I can see the snapshots and recordings in media on Home Assistant - thanks!

See post above


Thanks for the updated blueprint for 0.11.

For the part where you can set the Notification Group, how do I go about creating a group that contains both my wife’s and my phone in it? I have created groups via the helpers configuration before and also added one in the yaml to define a collection of person.{name} entities, but I don’t know the format for creating a group of devices (phones in my case) for the recipients?

Thanks, I’ve updated it. Found it last night too when trying to troubleshoot tv notifications. Sorry about that.

You’ll need to make notify groups in yaml.

Try beta 13d for IOS live view. I can’t test.

I observed this now, using interrupt set to true. I’d never used it before.

I noticed when it first appeared it had a border highlighted around it, as soon as i pressed an arrow key on the remote it went away and i assume that stopped me being able to action it. Perhaps if id pressed back or ok first it would have gone away. Maybe we just need to work out what the close button needs to be and ensure it gets hit first. Otherwise, i’m just going to use the timeout and interrupt false.

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Thanks, found out the syntax for the device names from another thread along with you pointer.

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I have one further problem I am experiencing with this feature if you are able to help…

When I get a notification on my iPhone, the thumbnail image is present, but the video tries to go to the following url


This returns a 404-not found error.

If I look for the same clip within the Frigate front end, the clip is there, but presented as


so the path is different, “frigate/notifications” changes to “events” and the camera name is removed.

Is there a configuration setting I have missed that’s mis-presenting the URLs in the notifications?

I’m running Frigate 0.11.1 and HA 2023.3.1


anyone getting this error recently? I’m using SgtB’s stable version, tried combing through the traces but no luck

Template variable warning: ‘dict object’ has no attribute ‘sub_label’ when rendering ‘{{ wait.trigger.payload_json[‘after’][‘sub_label’]}}’

Not sure why, it is the correct url for the api. the inclusion of the camera name is extra information but the url still functions in my testing just now.

Is it stopping the notifications from working? did you have them working before?

I recently upgraded from the hunter version to yours, I was getting other errors in the old version. I’ll mess around with it some more

try a fresh automation rather than changing an existing one as there are a lot of changes. I’m here for a little while so PM me and we can sort it out.

Edit: resolved by updating frigate.

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Great work on the updates!
Would it be possible to have a few extra Android notification options added in your next revision? They should be quite simple to add.

channel - this will let the user setup custom sounds, override Do Not Disturb, etc…
sticky - makes it so the notification can’t be swiped away without interacting with it.

Both are simple to implement.

      name: (Optional) Sticky - Android Specific
      description: When enabled, the notification will stay active on the device after interacting with it and remain there until cleared.
      default: false
        boolean: {}
      name: (Optional) Channel - Android Specific
      description: Create a new channel for notifications to allow custom notification sounds, vibration patterns and overide of Do Not Disturb mode. Configured directly on the device.
      default: ''

Then under the data field in the notification, or set it as a variable to continue the same style as the rest.

        channel: !input 'channel'
        sticky: !input 'sticky'

The other thing that would be awesome is the ability to trigger an action completely unrelated to the notification. I’m thinking something like being able to call a script or trigger another automation that will turn on the outside lights for X number of mins, etc…

Try latest beta and let me know. My concern is it causes issues for people who don’t want to use channels. Will need to trial it for a bit.

Any chance for the Telegram blueprint please ?

I been on “( - SgtB” for a while now and it’s been working great, what’s the latest version? @SgtBatten

Tried to adapt this one but not smart enough.

  name: Frigate - Telegram Notification
  description: Create automations to receive Snapshots and Clips from Frigate
  domain: automation
      name: Frigate Camera
      description: The name of the camera as defined in your frigate configuration (/conf.yml).
      name: Target
      description: "The chat_id to be used by the Telegram bot.
        !secret chat_id is not allowed on Blueprint, you will need the chat_id code.

      name: Notification
        'Select "true" to disable notification, lave "false" to receive
            - "true"
            - "false"
      default: "false"
      name: (Optional) Base URL
        The external url for your Home Assistant instance. This will default
        to a relative URL and will open the clips in the app instead of the browser,
        which may cause issues on some devices.
      default: ""
      name: (Optional) Zone Filter
      description: Only notify if object has entered a defined zone.
      default: false
        boolean: {}
      name: (Optional) Trigger Zones
      description: A list (-) of zones you wish to recieve notifications for.
      default: []
        object: {}
      name: (Optional) Trigger Objects
      description: A list (-) of objects you wish to recieve notifications for.
      default: []
        object: {}
      name: (Optional) Presence Filter
      description: Only notify if selected presence entity is not "home".
      default: ""
        entity: {}
mode: single
max_exceeded: silent
  platform: mqtt
  topic: frigate/events
  payload: !input "camera"
  value_template: "{{ value_json['after']['camera'] }}"
  id: "{{ trigger.payload_json['after']['id'] }}"
  camera: "{{ trigger.payload_json['after']['camera'] }}"
  camera_name: "{{ camera | replace('_', ' ') | title }}"
  target_chat: !input "target_chat"
  object: "{{ trigger.payload_json['after']['label'] }}"
  label: "{{ object | title }}"
  entered_zones: "{{ trigger.payload_json['after']['entered_zones'] }}"
  type: "{{ trigger.payload_json['type'] }}"
  base_url: !input "base_url"
  zone_only: !input "zone_filter"
  input_zones: !input "zones"
  zones: "{{ input_zones | list }}"
  input_labels: !input "labels"
  labels: "{{ input_labels | list }}"
  presence_entity: !input "presence_filter"
  notification: !input "notification"
  - "{{ type != 'end' }}"
  - "{{ not zone_only or entered_zones|length > 0 }}"
  - "{{ not zones|length or zones|select('in', entered_zones)|list|length > 0 }}"
  - "{{ not labels|length or object in labels }}"
  - "{{ not presence_entity or not is_state(presence_entity, 'home') }}"
  - service: telegram_bot.send_photo
      target: "{{ target_chat }}"
      disable_notification: "{{ notification }}"
      caption: |
        Person Detected. Camera: {{ camera_name }}
      url: >-
  - repeat:
        - wait_for_trigger:
            - platform: mqtt
              topic: frigate/events
              payload: "{{ id }}"
              value_template: "{{ value_json['after']['id'] }}"
            minutes: 2
          continue_on_timeout: false
        - condition: template
          value_template: "{{ wait.trigger.payload_json['type'] == 'end' }}"
        - service: telegram_bot.send_video
            target: "{{ target_chat }}"
            disable_notification: "{{ notification }}"
            caption: "Person Detected. Camera: {{ camera_name }}"
            url: >-
      until: "{{ wait.trigger.payload_json['type'] == 'end' }}"

Hmm, does seem odd. The clips link was working back on Frigate 0.10 and the old blueprint, but as you say the URL looks correct under 0.11 and your blueprint, so not sure why my Frigate instance doesn’t like it.

I’m hoping to move over to 0.12 as soon as it’s available anyway, so for now I’ve just tweaked the URL’s in your blueprint to suit my purpose which is working just fine, so I’ll have to remember not to update it willy nilly!

Thanks mate with a beta version too

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