Frigate Mobile App Notifications

I created a new blueprint to fix the above error for fps.

On line 164 of the script the ‘or’ should be changed to ‘else’, and it works fine now.

  fps_value: "{{ states('sensor.' + camera + '_camera_fps') }}"
  fps: "{{ fps_value|int if is_number(fps_value) else 5 }}"

Has anyone run into issues with the notification actions and buttons when using notification groups on iOS 16 devices? I get the alerts just fine, but only the text comes through if I select a notification group. If I select a specific device, I get the snapshot and 3 buttons as usual.

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Line 164 can be replaced simply with

  fps: "{{ fps_value|int(5) }}"

alternatively you can replace 163 and 164 with this combined one.

  fps: "{{ states('sensor.' + camera + '_camera_fps')|int(5) }}"

This would be a cool idea for a new blueprint.

Also, anyone using the new Frigate update and this blueprint still getting notifications? I haven’t updated frigate yet since I hear this blueprint doesn’t work anymore with it…

I have just done a fresh installation of HA, Frigate and its integration. Frigate is much better than the one I installed a while ago. I have done a test on notification to my phone and it works fine. However, I do not get notification using this blue print. This is the first time I use this blue print, is there anything else I need to be aware of?

this blue print does not work as it is, you have to make a modification on line 160 as mentioned above

Specifically, look for this line:

{{ fps_value|int if is_number(fps_value) or 5 }}

then change or to else so it looks like this:

{{ fps_value|int if is_number(fps_value) else 5 }}

Save the file, and this should get you up and going for the time being until an update is out. I don’t know if the rest of the blueprint works, but at least what I use (phone notification + snapshot → touch to watch the clip) works.


Yes, it works. Many thanks

Im seeing this after updating to IOS 16 as well.

This blueprint works beautifully. I want the notifications for “see clip” to open in-app on iOS…. It always asks in the app to open and then sends me to safari. How can I keep the clip viewing in-app?

Is the “notification cooldown” not working for anyone else? I have it set to 1 minute and I still get notifications every second.

Also, the silence notifications option seems to be broken too as every time a car goes by I get a notification about the car parked on my driveway, I don’t understand why when looking in frigate events and see no event has been created, so why am I getting spammed with notifications?

The updates every second are typically from the same one event in my experience, e.g new snapshot. cooldown only applies to a new event,

Is there an earlier event for your car that still says “in progress”

Sorry for late reply. And I guess that makes sense it’s an in-progress event but no I didn’t see it say that.

How can I make it I just get one notification?

Is there a way to make events stay in progress longer? cuz since they seem to end very quickly that creates more notifications.

Edit: Just looked at frigate and there were no events for when I was getting spammed about a car on my driveway.

Do you use the zone filters part of the blueprint as well as update thumbnails?

I use zone filters, I turned off update thumbnails because it send multiple notifications. (I knew it would do that just wanted to try it out though)

Hmm okay, if it was both I think I’d have a solution right away.

Are you getting a lot of notifications right after one another that actually creat a new notification in android or are we dealing with lots of noise but only one phone notification

All phones/devices are getting notifications right after one. Like it sends one about the car on the driveway, then sends a 2nd one a few seconds or a minute later, spamming and getting annoying. No event created in frigate.

Also even after I used the silence notification option AND it said the automation was disabled I still got 1 notification. Weird.

Just on update cuz it is happening again.

So it does actually say “in progress”.

The question is how can I make it only send one notification and that’s it, there is a car on the driveway and it is sending one anytime a headlight flashes on the driveway, would like it to only send one at the begging of the event and not another one.

Im literally getting spammed with notifications, frigate though says last one sent was 25 mins ago, it keeps sending them every minute.

Stop it tracking your car the whole time using zones.

Only for the car or for all notifications?

I am using zones and the car is in the zone on my driveway, I’d like it to tell me when a car enters the driveway so I don’t want to take it out of the zone.

Also it was only notifying about the car, everytime a car on the street drove by and the headlights went on the driveway a little bit it notified me, event stayed in progress whole time.

I don’t need it to constantly notify me, just notify at the beginning of the event and that’s it, not during it.

That link talks specifically about avoiding stationary notifications by requiring two or more zones. It means the car has to be moving to count, right now it doesn’t sound like you have that set up