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Ok so I have 2 zones, and i just noticed they somehow were on top of each other, they weren’t when I set them, so idk why it bugged me, I just fixed them and wonder if this will fix something.

Here is what the zones look like, again I don’t need to be spammed with car notifications, just when it leaves and enters the zone. Lemme know if Im not understanding right.

Okay awesome. That’s really helpful.

So we need two zones for the object in question. Yes you have two but your car only goes into one and you need to set them both as required zones.

So for your setup I would make another zone above the driveway pavement one. Then you set required zones for car objects to the top one of those zones. This way the stationary car gets ignored and it will get detected only when arriving and leaving.

Now the fact the car is visually in both driveway zones doesn’t matter, as an object’s position is determined by the middle of the bottom of the bounding box. So right now if you had a zone starting above the 2022 of your date and covering the entire screen except below that, the car would not be in that zone.

You could actually just split your existing driveway pavement zone in half and it would work for the same reason, assuming you always park far enough forward for the bumper to enter the lower zone.

I have required zones setup:

Ah, I see so it only detects it when it’s entering the driveway, not when its in it the whole time, smart!

I guess I will remove “car” from the other zone of course, but I currently have a mask everywhere but there so I guess I would need to remove it in that area first, right?

So didn’t fully understand this whole thing but I guess Ill do the other zone thing.

I described required zones wrong before. That link is exactly what you need.

You actually don’t even need two car zones with your current config. Just one that doesn’t include the front half of your car would do.

Ok so if I’m understanding this correctly, here are the zones I have right now, the one actually on the driveway pavement has the “car” object, the walking path, so if I split that in half and put a 2nd zone on the back half of the car from the middle, then only have the “car” object in that zone, it should be fine?

This is what the driveway pavement zone currently looks like.

Here’s how I would handle it now.

Remove car as one of the listed objects for the driveway zone.

Add a new zone that is roughly the top half of your current driveway zone. Add only car as the object for this zone.

Add this zone to your required zones lists.

Ok so this is what I’ve done, and this will only have the “car” object.

Lemme know if you think this a good enough size, thanks.

Is it ok that it overlaps with the other zone? Or should I lower that one so they don’t overlap?

Yeah pretty good. I’d personally extend it a bit towards the bottom (bit bigger) in case of slow detection.

See how that goes over the next couple of nights with headlights.

Sweet, thanks.

I’ll for sure keep an eye on and see how it goes, this is what I extended it too now.

Also even though I have ‘car’ only in that small zone, it’s normal for it to show ‘car’ under debug on the whole thing, right?, maybe cuz I have car as an object for the overall camera too, not just the zone, and as you can see my neighbours car isn’t even in any of the zones. Just wondering.

Frigate will still detect cars everywhere, but events and snapshots are restricted by your zones.

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Ah, thanks for all your help.

Hopefully, this improves notifications.

I can’t get an automation off of this blueprint to trigger. Never runs, no matter which camera I try to putting into it.

Any traces for the automation that will show what’s not working?

Please paste the yaml of your automation.

You need to ensure mqtt messages are working, check frigate and mqtt broker logs for errors in general. There are third party add-ons that allow you to browse the mqtt messages if you’d like to dig deeper.

Need to understand where it’s failing to help

There’s also an issue some users have reported after upgrading to the latest version of frigate. This is easily fixable if you think this is the issue.

Thanks for responding.

No trace is occurring, the automation is not triggered.

I’m subscribing to the mqtt events through the broker and seeing them triggered, as well as the device’s HA entities are properly changing state. I’d assume that means that mqtt is working.

I just upgraded to the latest version, which seem to have broken the best.jpg drop. Which is why I was trying this BP.

description: ""
  path: hunterjm/frigate_0.10_notification.yaml
    camera: front_door
    notify_device: 8d2e25b3287f46a59ea8703665eeeea3
    critical: true
    update_thumbnail: true
    loiter_timer: 2

Looks and sounds fine so far.

Do you see any errors in home assistant log?

If you do see a related error. Somewhere around line 160 of the blueprint are two variables fps and fps value. Delete them both and replace them with this single line

fps: "{{ states('sensor.' + camera + '_camera_fps')|int(5) }}"

I did have template related errors related to undefined values (is there not a validator of some sort to prevent those errors in templates, almost every sensor in the world sometimes returns undefined /rant ). Your solution solved those errors, but I still am not getting a triggered automation, periodically. Funny enough, while I was posting this, it worked. I’m at a loss to say why it does or doesn’t.

If it worked even once it means at least things are talking to each other.

Likely reasons now are going to be frigate config restricting motion or events

Seems to be working more reliably now. I have no explanation. Motion events are spot on, entities change and events are recorded in Frigate. I did upgrade to the hotfix today, maybe that was it.

Finally got this working after the update. I’d love to see conditions added to the BP. For example I have camera I only want notifications from when an input select has a particular value, or at a particular time of day, etc.

Did you ever figure this out?

I would love the full image instead of the cropped one. Been trying to fix it for a while now.