Frigate Mobile App Notifications

Thanks for the info - any suggestion on how to fix it? I don’t see a previously installed version of Frigate anywhere in HassOS. I run Frigate in a separate docker on my Unraid machine, and Home Assistant in a VM, I have the HACS Frigate integration, but I don’t see an old / disabled item anywhere.


Clicking on “Show Disabled Integrations” on the integrations page doesn’t show anything…


@SgtBatten Update:

I’m still getting spammed even with this change, getting so annoying every time a light shines it sends a new notification for the same ongoing event.

Maybe someone could try and implement this into the blueprint, REALLY need an option that only sends ONE notification at the beginning of the event! [Support]: Home assistant notification spam · Issue #3596 · blakeblackshear/frigate · GitHub

Can’t implement that specifically as it negates the update function.

You could add it to yours or I could probably add a configurable option without much effort to my blueprint. I’ll maybe have some time later this week

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Let me know if you figure something out!

Just annoying still sometimes getting spammed during ongoing events, when I’d rather there just be one notification at the begging and that’s it.

Is the issue the sounds or you don’t want it to vibrate at all either? Or is the issue only apparent/annoying when using the phone at the same time?

The issue is getting spammed with notifications. I’d be fine if the notification silently updated tbh, but as of right now it just sends a million notifications if someone is in front of the camera/during event rather then just one.

My mom is on the driveway right now as we speak and this is what it looks like on all our phones pretty much: very annoying.

That video hopefully will help once google processes it, can’t watch it yet and it sometimes takes a while.

I’ve made an option in my template for forcing silent updates. Not tested it yet but we might as well both test while working on this.

Make a new file named anything.yaml and save it alongside your other blueprints. When you use it for an automation you should see a few more options including silent updates. I’ve named the notification differnetly so you can see the word test for now, making it clear which one you are using.

Based on HunterJMs version with a few added options, fixes etc (

Edit: I can’t actually test right now as my unraid server is offline most of today for some upgrades, this includes frigate.

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Ok ill set this up now, I will just have it send to my devices too see what happens.


Here is the old (top) vs your new notification blueprint (bottom):

Are there no thumbnails or at least no text? If I enable “update thumbnail” are those silent too?, if yes I would fs use that option if they’re silent thumbnail updates.

There should be an initial thumbnail on my one. I may have broken something, or it’s a fluke.

thumbnail updates will indeed be silent with silent option enabled.

I should have frigate running again shortly to test

Sweet I will enable “thumbnail updates” then!

Maybe there is no thumbnail because I set this blueprint up during an in-progress event?

And lemme know when you have it up and running, we can both test.

Sorry mate having a hardware issue so haven’t got it online yet. What’s the latest you are seeing?

That video still isn’t viewable

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I’m surprised the video isn’t viewable yet, so here is a streamable link where it should work, this video is the same from before, when I was getting constantly spammed with the original blueprint. screen-20221016-175359

I actually just got a new notification from the new blueprint 5 minutes ago and it looks perfectly normal with the picture, though going to have to test if the silent notification also has the picture tomorrow though, I did restart HA so maybe that might have fixed it.

Alright i’m online finally. Initial testing shows sound is not being silenced as i had hoped. Will keep looking.

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Ah keep investigating then, I have an android phone and it seems to be working, do you have an iPhone?

No a pixel like you. And from reading the docs it seems the method I was using ONLY works on iphones. I see an android method though. Funny you are having success though.

I just wandered around in front of my place and it was dinging each time a new thumbnail was sent. Gonna try the other method shortly

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I was also having success on my MacBook, the first would make a sound, and the others would be silenced.

Maybe you can fix no thumbnails or text in the silent notifications?

And sure try the other method, my family uses all iPhones except me so it would be good for all of us.

I’m not having issues with thumbnails or text? mine look exactly the same as the original blueprint.

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Hmm, ill see if restarting fixed it tomorrow, but first notification doesn’t have the issue.

Worked it out. Working for me anyway, will upload shortly

Do you use a notification group or an individual device per automation?

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