Frigate + network storagedrive for data sometimes failes mounting

Hey guys,

I have frigate running as an addon which stores the recorded data on a networkdrive that is attached as /media/frigate/.
Works like a charm, most of the time.
Only just a couple of days ago the networkdrive failed to mount as /media/frigate which resulted in the addon storing the data locally on the main drive ha itself is on.
This again resulted in this drive filling up, its just too small to store cctv footage.

Anyone have an idea how I can prevent this in the future?

create a bug report on the supervisor and hopefully they fix it

sorry for the late reply, but please help me understand why to report this on supervisor, is it because supervisor is in charge of mounting network devices?

I have another question regarding this:
It happened a few more times since I made this thread. It even went as far as my cloud storage filling up, because the "Home Assistant Google Drive Backup: addon did its work as nicely as it always does.
But the backup went from 500mb to 40gb+ overnight.

My fastest way to fix this is:

  1. Stop Frigate addon and remove frigate.db
  2. remove ha network storage device
  3. log on ha shell and remove the /media/frigate folder and its contents.
  4. add network storage device again in /media/frigate.
  5. start frigate

when this problem occurs, the network storage is displayed as yellow in
Removing only the storage isnt possible because I get an error then, I have to stop frigate.

Maybe its possible to “lock” the /media/frigate folder locally?

#edit: btw happy cakeday @crzynik

Yes, frigate is running in a docker container (addon) and has no knowledge of the storage type and this is by design