Frigate Notifications ( SgtB Blueprint says No matching camera entities found

Looks like a great Blueprint and automation. Downloaded it, tried to create an automation from it. But it gives me the error message No matching camera entities found. Picture attached.

I have the Frigate integration installed, I have the addon installed, have a working card installed, and Frigate in the side menu is working fine. The config file has a camera named “office”.

So why does this Blueprint hang on camera entity?

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Lets see… please go to your home assistant developer tools page.

Click on states: image

type “”

Paste this information

Not sure if this helps as it’s from my HA phone app. From your question, I’m wondering if the fact that in frigate the camera is named office yet that doesn’t match the entity name.

The name is sort of irrelevant to the drop down list in the automation. The filter applied to that field is camera entities from the frigate integration. the name is only checked later

When you go to settings > integrations and click on frigate devices what is there?


Nothing, only show us under HACS, which is how I installed it.

Okay so you have downloaded it (in HACS) but not installed/configured it (on the integration page)

On the integration page, click add integration and search for frigate

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Yep that was the issue. Because it was working and appearing on the left side tab area, I assumed it was good to go. So what’s the distinction between the state in which I was using it and the state
in which it now is in

The integration provides:

  • Rich media browser with thumbnails and navigation
  • Sensor entities (Camera FPS, Detection FPS, Process FPS, Skipped FPS, Objects detected)
  • Binary Sensor entities (Object motion)
  • Camera entities (Live view, Object detected snapshot)
  • Switch entities (Clips, Detection, Snapshots)
  • Support for multiple Frigate instances.

Thanks so much.

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No worries. You can mark one of my responses, possibly the, now third-last response as a solution to close out the thread.

happy to help further in the main thread if need be.

@SgtBatten thanks for the excellent blueprint - i have the frigate addon and frigate integration integration installed and see the cams in the integration. But ran into the same issue as described above for some reason. had to edit the yaml to just filter: entity: to get my camera loaded in there. not sure why, im running v0.12.0.2 of the blueprint, v0.12.1 of frigate, and v2023.12.4 of HA.

That would indicate you don’t have the frigate integration installed properly, or at all?

The integration shows up in settings with all the cameras, the addon shows up on the sidebar and a regular non blueprint test notification works as expected (the example from the docs)

If the integration is installed the cameras should appear in the dropdown of the blueprint, Maybe just restart you system and try again