Frigate NVR Recording Problem

Hi Guys,

I’m struggling to understand why I cannot get my Frigate NVR setup to record any video. I have had this working in the past. but now for some reason it’s stopped working and says I don’t have recording enabled!! I’m using an Annke C800 camera. When I go into the recordings it simply says

No Recordings Found

Make sure you have enabled the record role in your configuration for the front camera.

I’m using the following code in my friagte.yaml file

  port: 1883
  topic_prefix: frigate
  client_id: frigate
  user: mqtt
  password: landy90
  stats_interval: 60
    type: edgetpu
    device: usb
        - path: rtsp://mattpitts74:[email protected]:554/Streaming/Channels/102?transportmode=mcast&profile=Profile_2
            - detect
            - rtmp
        - path: rtsp://mattpitts74:[email protected]:554/Streaming/Channels/102?transportmode=mcast&profile=Profile_1
            - record
      width: 640
      height: 480
      fps: 5
      enabled: true
        - person
      enabled: true
        - 0,480,65,480,68,425,59,374,49,324,44,276,53,241,68,191,110,169,140,147,173,124,197,101,240,81,313,87,408,88,443,63,467,0,403,0,0,0

I have the record role set for the higher resolution stream, but it’s not recording anything!! I cannot for the life of me figure out why it’s not recording!!

Any help would be much appreciated.

I am in NO WAY an expert with Frigate, but I do have this in my configuration, in the ‘root’ (no indentation):

  enabled: True
    days: 4
    mode: motion
      default: 5
        person: 10

See if something like that helps.

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Check the frontend, have you toggled recordings via MQTT? It will show as grayed out on the camera if it has been.

After that, you’ll want to check /tmp/cache in the container to see if it is being populated with .mp4 files which would indicate that it is not working.

Also to be clear, you don’t have 24/7 recordings enabled so if you don’t have any events currently then that would explain the no recordings which would be the expected behavior.

I had the same problem and this Response solve that problem.

The record setting can be global (root) or camera specific.

what works for me is:

      enabled: true
        days: 2

here is the full record documentation from Configuration File | Frigate

# Optional: Record configuration
# NOTE: Can be overridden at the camera level
  # Optional: Enable recording (default: shown below)
  # WARNING: If recording is disabled in the config, turning it on via
  #          the UI or MQTT later will have no effect.
  # WARNING: Frigate does not currently support limiting recordings based
  #          on available disk space automatically. If using recordings,
  #          you must specify retention settings for a number of days that
  #          will fit within the available disk space of your drive or Frigate
  #          will crash.
  enabled: False
  # Optional: Number of minutes to wait between cleanup runs (default: shown below)
  # This can be used to reduce the frequency of deleting recording segments from disk if you want to minimize i/o
  expire_interval: 60
  # Optional: Retention settings for recording
    # Optional: Number of days to retain recordings regardless of events (default: shown below)
    # NOTE: This should be set to 0 and retention should be defined in events section below
    #       if you only want to retain recordings of events.
    days: 0
    # Optional: Mode for retention. Available options are: all, motion, and active_objects
    #   all - save all recording segments regardless of activity
    #   motion - save all recordings segments with any detected motion
    #   active_objects - save all recording segments with active/moving objects
    # NOTE: this mode only applies when the days setting above is greater than 0
    mode: all
  # Optional: Event recording settings
    # Optional: Number of seconds before the event to include (default: shown below)
    pre_capture: 5
    # Optional: Number of seconds after the event to include (default: shown below)
    post_capture: 5
    # Optional: Objects to save recordings for. (default: all tracked objects)
      - person
    # Optional: Restrict recordings to objects that entered any of the listed zones (default: no required zones)
    required_zones: []
    # Optional: Retention settings for recordings of events
      # Required: Default retention days (default: shown below)
      default: 10
      # Optional: Mode for retention. (default: shown below)
      #   all - save all recording segments for events regardless of activity
      #   motion - save all recordings segments for events with any detected motion
      #   active_objects - save all recording segments for event with active/moving objects
      # NOTE: If the retain mode for the camera is more restrictive than the mode configured
      #       here, the segments will already be gone by the time this mode is applied.
      #       For example, if the camera retain mode is "motion", the segments without motion are
      #       never stored, so setting the mode to "all" here won't bring them back.
      mode: motion
      # Optional: Per object retention days
        person: 15
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It has worked for me too. Thanks!