Frigate on Intel PC - Which installation for frigate?

Hi there!

After running HA on a raspberry pi for years now, I’ll have another instance mainly for frigate and surveillance.
I’ve now read that HA OS on an Intel installed directly does not allow frigate to use my Nvidia GPU. So I’m very confused now.
What is the best installation method in order to mainly use frigate to its full potential? Via docker? What tells me that frigate is then able to make use of my hardware?
If someone could share his or her experience, that would be great! :+1:


I use frigate in docker container as I migrate to container based installation. In my opinion main difference between supervised/haos and docker installation is that you can easily setup containers limits and do other tweaks as needed. I never manage to do that in supervised installation. Everything else is pretty much the same.
Frigate can use a lot of memory and cpu if you use cpu detectors, like I am.


Sounds great! This setup has a i7, which is not bad. It also has a Nvidia 1070 I think? Family member gave it to me. So that is why I want to use my gpu for frigate or at least try it.

If you want to use your nvidia GPU then the addon won’t work, needs to be naive docker