Frigate on NUC

Hi all,

Im looking to get my four Hikvision cameras running through Frigate with real time object detection, but struggle to find the best setup. Currently I’m running HA OS in a Proxmox VM on a nuc5 i3 8gb ram.

As being quite new to this world I believe that the HassOS Addon would be my best and easiest option - for this I have a few questions:

  1. Documentation says “Running Frigate in a VM on top of Proxmox … is not recommended” should I dedicate the NUC and install HA OS image directly to get the Addon or is there a better way?
  2. Documentation recommends using Google Coral - would that be needed on the nuc5 i3 with 8gb ram?
  3. If yes - i presume it’s the USB accelerator? and is there a guide to set this up with HA somewhere?

Appreciate your help :slight_smile:

  1. I have my NUC dedicated to HA with the OS running Frigate. As said in the documentation, you need to run the OS on baremetal for max performance.

  2. If you want any performance at all you need a google coral. For comparison sake my hardware(nuc 7 i5) takes 600ms for the inferencing with the cpu and 8ms with the coral accelerator.

  3. You can use any google coral that will fit in your hardware. I use the USB coral, but have seen others using pci, m2, etc. There needn’t be a setup guide for the coral hardware, its simply plug and play if you configure it as indicated in the frigate documentation.

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Thanks alot :slight_smile: es the addition of the coral remove move all the processing to this device or does it still consume much of the NuC’s power?

Most of the processing is done on the coral, although it does still take some power for the add-on due to the ffmpeg stuff. Make sure you setup the hardware decoding for your specific cpu to keep it as efficient as possible. I’m currently running one camera and restreaming it to home assistant(rtmp) and my cpu usage is around 10-12%.

Ok - doesn’t sound too bad as this also include the HA instance - I will be running 4 cameras.

i am using the hassOS NUC img. i got this coral PCIe
frigate yml:

    type: edgetpu
    device: pci

frigate log shows: No EdgeTPU detected.

any idea how to get my coral working? thanks!

I’m sorry, I just saw this. I know that some recent addtions to HassOS have been needed to run M.2 coral devices. Maybe its the same for pcie?

Hi @tung256 did you manage to make it work? I am also in similar situation. thanks.

ii updated the HA OS and it worked! older versions did not have the driver for coral