Frigate question- where are captured videos stored?

I recall reading where it is advised to exclude captured video from Frigate in a snapshot/backup.

I am running HAOS on an Intel NUC- no containers, and my backups over Samba to an NAS. I can exclude a folder in the Samba Backup add-on, but, where are the capture video files stored?

For sure they are now stored in the media folder, however I am not sure if they are also stored in frigate backend somewhere.

I am on my phone so can’t easily check, but if in doubt you could make a full backup and then explore the resulting .tar file and see if they are also stored in frigate also.

If I get a chance to have a look at one of my backups when in front of a computer I will update this post.

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Thanks. I didn’t think to look at the root folder, but /media is where they are.