Frigate "Recordings Switch" always off since HA 2024.5 update

Hey There,
I’ve been using Frigate for quite a while without problems. I just wanted to automate a camera to only record when the alarm is armed and found out, that since I updated to HA 2024.5, the state of the recordings switch in the frigate integration for all my cameras went fron On to Off, despite all cameras still recording just fine. Toggling the switch to On just lets it come back to off a second or two later.

I can confirm in the ha history logs that all recordings switches were in the on position prior to the update. Neither restarting HA nor Frigate nor updating HA to the latest version helped. There does not seem to be any problem with the operation of frigate at all. All cameras work normally and record just fine. But I cannot toggle the recording from the HA UI.

Any idea what could be wrong?

Update, I keep forgetting that the frigate integration to home assistant is a hacs integration, and that I actually need to check hacs for updates :man_facepalming: