Frigate - Safer Person Detection Alarm


I’m using Frigate to handle multiple cameras around my property, and I would like to integrate its person detection with my alarm system.

Since I’m still having false positives from time to time, I would like to be “sure” that an actual person is there, so I’d like to implement these 2 tests before triggering the alarm:

  • the person has been moving around for at least 5 seconds (most of my false positives are still and very short, usually generated by random raindrops)
  • or the person has been detected at the same time by 2 cameras (some are overlapping)

Is it possible to perform these tests with using automations? Do you have other test ideas?

Thanks a lot!

In your automation trigger, add

  hours: 0
  minutes: 0
  seconds: 5

For this, I would group the binary sensors to create an overlapped binary sensor. Then, test on that sensor tripping. You can do this via Helpers (Settings > Devices & Services > Helpers) and creating a Group helper. Make sure you check All Entities. This will make it so that it only flips on if both cameras are detecting the person. Then, just trigger of the binary group instead of the individual sensors.

I did try the first test as you described, but it seems that the Frigate binary sensors stay on for at least 8 seconds, even when the detection is very short. I could use that as the baseline, but it would be nice to be more precise.

As for the second test, makes sense what you suggest.

Thank you!

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I don’t think there’s a setting for that (at least none that I know of in Frigate). So, you might want to go 10 seconds as a trigger instead.