Frigate: Send snapshot or clip via Telegram in Nodered

Hi all

I’m starting to test Frigate as HA add-on.

Actually, I’m running MotionnEye as standalone in a Proxmox LXC and I’m managing notifications via Telegram in NodeRed.

I would like to do the same with Frigate, but I’m a little bit confused regarding how to get snapshots or recordings.

Nodered is not an HA addon, but is a Proxmox LXC.

I found this thread on Github, but I don’t understand the HTTP GET node address how has to be.

Actually I tried


But I don’t get anything as result and if I put this address in a browser I get a 404: not found message

Is there anyone who already experienced in Telegram notifications with Nodered?


What if you try

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Thanks, it works.
What about a recording video?

You could use http://HA_IP_ADDRESS:8123/api/frigate/notifications/{{}}/clip.mp4