Frigate timestamp wrong

hi folks,
I’ve Frigate as an NVR on my homeassistant HAOS instance, motion and object detection all working fine.
But the timestamp do not match with the real hour. The camera timestamp is fine, but the timestamp of the event is almost 3 hour behind and in the folder of the videoclip it is in the 23 hrs folder (is the file that is select).

The timezone and hour are fine in my HAOS ( I know because i have automations based on time and they trigger at the right time)

The time in hassio match with my pc:

Any helpful suggestions are welcome.
Thanks in advance!

The time shown in the frontend is based on the time that is set for the browser.

The time for recordings is always UTC time.

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oh that make sense with the recording time, but with the frontend event time is make no sense, my browser have the same time as my pc that is the same of the camera timestamp. have to be another thing that we are missing…

Oh, yeah. The event was 3 hours long and it started at 2:37. The snapshot is not from the beginning of the event

Mmmm no, the event do not take 3 hrs it´s was just a person walking there, I checked the camera recorder of the DVR :confused: something more?

It did

Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 12.00.56 PM

So if the person was not there the entire time then you had a false positive

Yup you are right in that event I don´t know why but it take 2hrs, the past events are of few seconds:

Do you know why could happen this?

Well for a start this is not the frigate forum. I’d ask on their github.

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