Fritz!Box and Octoprint implementation

Hello everyone!

I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 the latest hassio image and I am completely new to this - so please be nice :smiley:

I started to configure my stuff to see if it at least shows up in Home Assistant but I am having issues to get a connection to my Fritz!Box, my Fritz!DECT plugs and my Octopi.

First to the Fritz!Box:
I am using a Fritz!Box 7490 and created a user for Home Assistant with its own passwort.

Then I went to the configuration.yaml and inserted this:

  - host: my.local.ip.adress
    username: "usernameInQuotes"
    password: "passwordInQuotes"

refering to this:
Im not sure if the quotes are correct.

I also inserted to the config:

  - platform: fritz
    host: my.local.ip.adress
    track_new_devices: yes
    user: "usernameInQuotes"
    password: "passwordInQuotes"
    interval_seconds: 10
    consider_home: 180

refering to a tutorial (i cant find it anymore) because the firtzbox pesence-detection instuction of home assistant (cant post more links) is missing a few needed variables and seems to be not complete.

I had a connection because Home Assistant lists all the devices at the “Overview”…
but its not working anymore now. Every device listed stays online… even if its offline since hours.

In the developer log I can see:

Login to Fritz!Box my.local.ip.adress as usernameInQuotes failed
07:37 components/ (WARNING)
login failed 0000000000000000
07:37 components/ (WARNING)

So it seems to be broken now (maybe I changed something in the config that broke it).

Also I never hat a connection to my Fritz!DECT 200 plug switches (with energy monitor).
I have inserted this to the config:

      - platform: fritzdect
        user: "usernameInQuotes"
        password: "passwordInQuotes"

refering to the AVM FRITZ!DECT Switch component instruction (cant post more links)

Last thing I dont get to work is my Octopring server (Octopi).
I have inserted this to the config:

  host: my.octopi.ip.adress
   api_key: someAPIkey
   bed: true
   number_of_tools: 1

refering to the Octoprint component instruction (cant post more links)

But its not connecting.
This was expected because I am using basic authentication to make my printer safety reachable from the internet. (see here:

So to really get a connection I need something like this:

  api_key: 83E9789B952A48EFA52D75382389C9F4
  bed: true
  number_of_tools: 1
  authentication: basic
  username: "OctoPrintUserInQuotes"
  password: "passwordInQuotes"

but these variables dont work.

I hope you guys can help me solving these issues because I am lost now :smiley:

Thanks a lot and best regards!