Fritz!Box Device Trarcker instable after upgrade to 2022.2.0

Since I updated this morning to 2022.2.0, all my device_tracker entities (persons) are changing state every few minutes (when home): from “was detected at home” to “was detected at unknown” and back.
It really started since the upgrade. Basically, the state “unknown” did not exist before for those devices. The device value is generated by “AVM FRITZ!Box Tools: FRITZ!Box 7590” but that device does not seem to be updated recently. Seems to be in the handling of the input from the Fritzbox.
There is a setting image but that seems to work (from its name) in the ‘other direction’: when a device is loosing its WiFi connection, it’s unknown or away, and only after this period of being connected, it’s considered ‘at home’. I’ll experiment a bit with it. But I’m not very happy that this behavior changed in the first place. At least, I couldn’t find it in the release notes of the upgrade.
Anyone having the same problem? And a solution?

I noticed that devices being offline at the time of HA update where reported unkown/unavailable until they connected to the network again at once. After this, they stayed online/offline.

So, that device was offline and still is. It is unknown.


Instead, that other device has connected to the net after the HA upgrade and is properly reported online/offline.


No, it’s flipping all the time here.
Setting the “seconds to consider a device at home” value to 300 s doesn’t seem to work, as the time between reported home and unavailable is still less than ~4 minutes in the history log.
By the way, I don’t want this time to be too long, since when the last person leaves home and hasn’t closed all doors, a notification is send, and that is not practical if received only after 5 minutes.

Ah, I see in my error log every time the device goes ‘unknown’ there is a log entry:
2022-02-03 11:58:40 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.fritz.common] Error fetching data:
That must have to do with it, as the timestamps agree. But how to solve it?

Contribute or watch the already filed bug at

Thanks, didn’t find that thread when I searched this morning. Great, I will watch that one.

There is a new feature for each integration in 2022.2, just click the ‘dots’ symbol in the lower right and go to ‘known issues’


I can confirm the same problem with a FritzBox 3490 after the update.