FRITZ!Box Integration Feature Requests

Hi there,

I am quite new to Home Assistant so maybe this is not the right place to place my request. If there is a better place to go to I would really appreciate if you could give me a hint. :slight_smile:

I am currently configuring my integrations and one of those is the Fritzbox integration. I think it works like it should but I was wondering, why I am not able to retrieve the call lists (received, out, missed) from the Fritzbox. From the integration webpage I got to the Github page where I could take a look at the source code. As I understand the Python “fritzconnection” lib is used to communicate with the fritzbox. This lib provides much more functionality than the Fritzbox Home Assistant integration exposes. Does anybody know why? Retrieving the call lists with this lib in python works perfect if I test it with some python script.
How and where would I request such a feature regarding the Home Assistant integration? What would be the correct process here?

Thanks a lot in advance for all replies.


For this, just use the Fritz Callmonitor Integration

and then if needed on top of this a sensor like this

  - sensor:
      - name: line_status
        unique_id: unique_id_template_sensor_line_status
        state: >
          {% if is_state("sensor.fritz_box_7590_call_monitor_telefonbuch", "idle") %}
          {%  elif is_state("sensor.fritz_box_7590_call_monitor_telefonbuch", "dialing") %}
              {% if state_attr("sensor.fritz_box_7590_call_monitor_telefonbuch", "to_name") != "unknown" %}
                Wählen '{{ state_attr("sensor.fritz_box_7590_call_monitor_telefonbuch", "to_name") }}'
              {% else %}
                Wählen '{{ state_attr("sensor.fritz_box_7590_call_monitor_telefonbuch", "to") }}'
              {% endif %}
          {%  elif is_state("sensor.fritz_box_7590_call_monitor_telefonbuch", "ringing") %}
              {% if state_attr("sensor.fritz_box_7590_call_monitor_telefonbuch", "from_name") != "unknown" %}
                Eingehend von '{{ state_attr("sensor.fritz_box_7590_call_monitor_telefonbuch", "from_name") }}'
              {% else %}
                Eingehend von '{{ state_attr("sensor.fritz_box_7590_call_monitor_telefonbuch", "from") }}'
              {% endif %}
          {% else %}
              {% if state_attr("sensor.fritz_box_7590_call_monitor_telefonbuch", "with_name") != "unknown" %}
                Sprechen mit '{{ state_attr("sensor.fritz_box_7590_call_monitor_telefonbuch", "with_name") }}'
              {% else %}
                Sprechen mit '{{ state_attr("sensor.fritz_box_7590_call_monitor_telefonbuch", "with") }}'
              {% endif %}
          {% endif %}
        icon: >
          {% if is_state("sensor.fritz_box_7590_call_monitor_telefonbuch", "idle") %}
          {% elif is_state("sensor.fritz_box_7590_call_monitor_telefonbuch", "dialing") %}
          {% elif is_state("sensor.fritz_box_7590_call_monitor_telefonbuch", "ringing") %}
          {% else %}
          {% endif %}

The sensor is here then used with a logbook card like this

Ok, so I keep track of the calls in HA instead of using the list provided by the Fritzbox.
Seems like a valid option to do so. Thanks for the hint.
But why wouldn’t the developers directly use the endpoint of the Fritzbox? They could even add the phonebook stuff provided by the fritzconnection python lib. Is there any reason for that?

Don’t know. But as most of other things in HA is state related (with own history) I haven’t even another integration or part in mind, where a whole history is taken from an endpoint.