FRITZ!Box integration keeps readding tens of unknown devices

I’ve seen this problem mentioned here before but nothing works so I’m hoping to get some new ideas. The problem is that the AVM FRITZ!Box Tools integration keeps readding around 100 devices whenever I try to “clean them up” using the provided button. The devices mostly don’t even have entities and if they have, I can’t delete them either.

The devices are not shown on my FRITZ!Box page either which is the most confusing part. So I’m stuck with a hundred unknown devices that I can’t delete. Deleting and readding the integration doesn’t help either.

I’m kinda out of ideas but want to keep some trackers and buttons from the FRITZ!Box itself or I’d have removed it long ago. Do you have any ideas how to get the devices out of my system?

Edit: As my settings show those should not be new devices


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