Fritz Box tools: Monitoring wifi channel load

Lately (since fritzOS 7 iirc) Fritz Box devices have had the ability to read-out wifi channel load via the UI, like so;

I think it would be useful to have Home Assistant expose this as some sensors;

  • Current wifi channel (int)
  • Current total channel load (percentage)
  • Current self-added load (percentage)

Currently, to detect if any one repeater in my home is having trouble relaying wifi, i have to open up every UI for every repeater and switch between them, while re-logging when the auto-logout timer expires. It’d be really useful if i could just add this in home assistant, and read-out on my dashboard.

(It would also have further automation possibilities, i.e. notifying if one channel/repeater has been seeing 100% total channel load for the last few seconds, signalling some interference or unusually high usage)

For anyone interested in working on this, i couldn’t find any integration in any other existing fritz-box tools, except for this script, which grabs a read-out from the UI’s API.