Fritz integration see which repeater/master a device is connected to


I am already using the fritz integration to detect when a device is connected to my network which works great so far.

I do have a bit of a larger mesh network here which lead me to the following idea:
It would be great if it would be possible to have the information which mesh repeater a device is connected to.

Background: My network consists of the Mesh master + 3 Repeaters + Routers acting as Mesh repeaters. The hole mesh network spans 2 buildings with multiple floors. Having access to the connected repeater would therefore enable me to have more granular options by attaching a device to a specific building/floor.

I have not looked into the integration code or fritzBox API yet to check whether this is actually possible but wanted to share the idea here nonetheless.

I would also love this feature. Is this the right place for feature requests or should we post them on Github?

I recently found ot that you can in fact kind of see which access point a device is connected to at least in developer tools. There is an attribute called connected_to which contains the name of the access point the tracked device is connected to.

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That’s awesome!
Thank you - I did not know about this :slight_smile:

The next idea would then to create a dynamic Sankey-card with the connected devices analog to this:
Anyone using the Sankey Chart Card? - Third party integrations - Home Assistant Community (
I don’t know though, if this would work with these kind of dynamic connections.