Fritz Tools do not update state of LAN devices

My setup:
I have a FritzBox with some Access Point connected to it via LAN. When I connect to my FritzBox WLAN, then my device occurs in FritzBox as WLAN connection. When connected to AP then my device is shown in FritzBox as connected via LAN. As a result I have 2 device_trackers which need to be tracked for my Person (1 WLAN, 1 LAN).

Missing feature description:
The Fritz Tools (device_tracker) does not automatically update the state of my LAN devices (= when I disconnect from my AP). The device_tracker stays in state “Home”. Even when the LAN connection in FritzBox goes to “unused connection” the state in FritzTools does not change.

After I restart Home Assistant, the state of the device_tracker is finally updated. But it’s state is “Unavailable” if the LAN connection in FritzBox is an “unused connection”. With this state my Person becomes “Unknown” (instead of “Away”).

Can you please add the feature to update the state of LAN devices automatically & correctly?
Please ensure that the state is always only “home” or “not_home” in order to not break a Person.

PS: I have created an issue in github as well: [Bug] Integration Fritz Tools: state of LAN devices is not updated · Issue #114383 · home-assistant/core · GitHub