Fritzbox Call Monitor: how to choose phonebook

Hi there…
I’ve installed the Fritzbox Callmonitor integration and it is working fine as it detects the states (idle, …) correctly.
In my fritzbox I have defined two phonebooks, one default book and one carddav-based one.
How can I tell the integration which phonebook to use? When the configuration was done through yaml files, there was an option for it, but with the new gui-based configuration I have no idea where/how to set the phonebook.

Any ideas?

In my case I’ve had ton remove my Call monitor from the Integratios an re-add it again.
When adding the Fritzbox I could chose the phonebook.
So far I could not figure out how ton change the phonebook once loaded.

You can add the same Fritzbox multiple times with different phonebooks.

Thanks, that really helped. I added the integration a second time, I could choose the phonebook and I only had to change the automations to the new sensorname.