Fritzbox_callmonitor not recognised at all

I want to setup the call monitor with the build in integration:

    # Fritzbox Call Monitor
  - platform: fritzbox_callmonitor
    name: Anrufe
    username: name
    password: pass

After restart this integration is not recognised at all! No sensors, no error message in log.
From the command line I can call the “fritzcall” script with proper result thus the FritzBox config is ok.

Ok I realized that this is a misunderstanding about the function of this component. I thought it gives you a list of recent calls but it just shows the very last call, only with a timestamp but not the calling number. This sensor at least is now showing up after 1 day.
Has the callmonitor integration changed over the years? I am read some threads where more attributes are accessible but I only see:

duration: '348'
closed: '2020-11-15T19:19:16'
friendly_name: Anrufe

The the state and the attributes of the sensor change when there is an incoming, outgoing or active call.

type: outgoing
from: 987654
to: 12345678
device: SIP0
initiated: 2020-11-16T11:53:23
to_name: Dennis
friendly_name: Telefon
icon: mdi:phone-classic

Ok, so when I want a record of, say, all calls of this day I need to catch the attributes with a template sensor?. The history database does not store attributes but just values?

The underlying library could provide that information. But for know that is not implemented anywhere.

I was working on a costum component some time ago but I didn’t had the time to make it working completely.

Fair enough, after all, HA is a project from volunteers. Maybe I find the time to fork your code.