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Hello everybody,
I am new here and I have problems to activate the fritzbox_callmonitor. I took the the configuration template from the integration example:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: fritzbox_callmonitor
    name: Phone
    username: my_username
    password: my_password
    phonebook: 0
      - '+49'
      - '+4989'
      - '089'

But I do not get any feedback: no entities are created and no connection issues in the home-assistant.log (or is there another logfile relevant). My Home Assistant runs in a docker container - not sure if this is relevant (I am a bit lost about the differences with HassOS, Supervisor and Docker).
I never had problems with the callmonitor in FHEM.
It would be great If somebody has an hint for me!
Thanks in advance!!!
Best regards,

In your log it should be this error:

Phonebook with ID 0 not found on Fritz!Box

There is a known issue with callmonitor:
Let’s hope it will be fixed…

Thank you for your hint. I just found my failure :thinking: the failure was in my configuration.yaml (more then one sensor entry) - I am a bloody newbie :crazy_face:

Does it work for you?

yes, thank you! And I do not have any issues with the phonebook!

Could you tell me which Fritzbox and which Firmware you are using? And are you using an extra user for the authentification or the normal “admin” for the callmonmitor?

I’m having the same problem as some others and the phonebook cannot be accessed. I believe that could have something to do with the authentification or with the firmware version.

Hi Dennis,
I have a FritzBox 7590 with the last stable firmware (7.21). I created a spcial user for homeassistant and switched to login with usernam and password within the LAN. Hopefully this hint was helpful for you.

No way, it doesn’t work.
Always the same error:

[homeassistant.components.fritzbox_callmonitor.sensor] Phonebook with ID 0 not found on Fritz!Box

From the command line it works:

[email protected]:~ $ fritzphonebook -i -u homeassistant -p XXXXX
version:            0.8.4
model:              FRITZ!Box 7590

List of phone books:
 ID name                      url
  0 Rubrica         

In config.yaml I have this sensor:

- platform: fritzbox_callmonitor
  name: Rubrica
  username: homeassistant
  password: XXXXX
  phonebook: 0
    - '+39'

Any developer around wishing to fix this bug?
Not a big one, but nevertheless annoying…

Is it maybe a problem of your fritzbox-user? The user should have administrative access like this:

(sorry, it’s in german)

Thanks, but here the fritzbox-user setup is exactly the same.
During set-up the phonebook error shows up, and no
is created.

You named your Callmonitor Rubrica so you should be looking for a sensor.rubrica instead.

That was the trick… thank you very much!!!

Sorry for the unnecessary noise, the integration example should be used with all the necessary attention…