[Fronius] [Add-on] sbam: charge solar battery based on weather forecast

Hi guys,

i’ve developped the sbam addons (Smart Battery Advanced Manager) to control your solar battery through a Fronius inverter.
The battery charging is configured based on the weather forecast by utilizing the Solcast weather forecast API.

After installing a Fronius Gen24 plus Solar system including a BYD battery, I wanted during months of low solar production to charge the battery at night when electricity costs are generally lower, in order to use the stored energy during the day.

Fronius through the local web interface reachable from the inverter’s LAN IP provides the Battery Management utility → Time-dependent battery control.

Indeed, it is possible to charge at night, but the process is static. Many times, I found the battery to be either too charged or too discharged the next day. I wanted something more advanced, dynamic, and adaptive that takes into account:

  • weather forecasts
  • daily electricity consumption related to my home
  • the current battery charge
  • the minimum reserve of the battery not to go below
  • the time range when the energy operator offers cheaper electricity to force the charge.

Here sbam is all this and much more :slight_smile:

add-on doc: here

github: here

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