Fronius Solar.Web integration in HA

Dear Community!
I have issues with my Fronius inverter integration in HA, current configuration,
2x Fronius inverter (1x Symo Hybrid + Smartmeter, 1x Symo)
The integration for the two inverters work, but the value for the houseload is no longer correct since only one inverter is connected to the Smartmeter.
However, I have seen that in iobroker there is an adapter available which integrates Fronius Solar.Web (online) and gets all the values I would need.
Here is the ling:GitHub - TA2k/ioBroker.fronius-solarweb: Adapter for ioBroker Fronius Solarweb
I am wondering if it would be possible to get such integration in HA as well? that would be very helpful to collect proper values for my PV system.

Hi :wave:!

Are these 2 inverters connected via SolarNet (Modbus cable) or do they have individual Dataloggers?
The local Fronius integration should work just well with multiple inverters.

Sure, it would be possible. You’d just have to find someone willing to do it - or implement it yourself.
Fronius offers API documentation for their SolarWeb service.

Hi, well the thing is that there are two different inverters

  1. Fronius Symo Hybrid (connected to Fronius Smartmeter 63A)
  2. Fronius Symo. not connected to Smartmeter, Solarnet also not possible because this is not supported on the Symo Hybrid.
    That is the reason why I am not getting proper data from my Smartmeter, since the Smartmeter is not aware of the Fronius Symo inverter.
    I also have a Fronius Solar Battery installed.
    I am not able to implement SolarWeb to HA myself, since I am not skilled to work with the API solarWeb service. But maybe someone will read this and implement it … :wink:

Oh dear…
How does the Hybrid decide if it should load or unload the battery? Does that work with solarweb only? So when you don’t have internet connection, it doesn’t account for the second inverter?

Well yes, in Solarweb everythnig is correct, and the charging and discharging of the Battery is also correct. So I don’t have any issues with the system, it is just that the house-load is not showing correct as soon as the 2nd inverter, (symo) starts generating power. So my wish would be to get solar.web connected to HA then I would be able to get proper figures in HA again. The 2nd inverter was installed a couple of month ago, before that I had no issues with local fronius inverter integration in HA

Aha, ok.
Since I don’t assume this will be done in the near future I suggest to just use templates / helpers to calculate your house loads in the meantime to just add your second inverters produced power to the values of the first one.

I wish I could find someone who could create the integration for Solar.Web, but I understand it is time consuming.
The calculation with helpers and house load is rather difficult, because I can’t find an easy calculation of how much power is used to charge the battery since it could happen that both inverters are charing the battery simultaneously, so that makes it a bit tricky…

Have a look at this brilliant thread: Howto: Fronius Integration with battery into Energy Dashboard
maybe it helps to find how this can be calculated. It’s possible for sure, fornius has probably the same data in Solar.web to begin with.

I have already integrated this to the Energy Dashboard, that works so far, but I wanted to create my own view in Lovelace to show current house load and so on, screenshot below:

Power battery from the SolarNet device should provide exactly that.