Front end preview on documentation

On the website, for the documentation of the components… I think it would be handy to provide also an example frontend preview of the card. So people can see how it looks like before installing them…


  • Description:
  • Configuration variables:
  • Example preview:

For that purpose we have a demo instance that shows the frontend in action.

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@fabaff I know there is a demo instance, but it is limited in components. But it would be handy if people could see a card of every component before installing in the documentation… That is not a big work, just add a little screenshot with every component.Some components already have included a screenshot…but still there are many without…

There are a couple of elements missing like the brand new automation card, persistent notifications, the binary sensor, or instead of cover we still use garage door. The sensor badges looks always the same…basically all badges looks the same just different colors and sometimes an icon instead of text.

User who are curious how a component looks like in their installation can use the demo platforms.

Feel free to open Pull Request against the documentation if you have screenshot you think would be worth to include in the documentation.