Front end UI notification

Can somebody please please pleas tell me how exactly to get rid of this from the front end?

I can’t remember what to put in the configuration

Go to Configuration / Integrations and configure the device.

Or (once you have done the above and know what the device is) add an ignore rule to the discovery component in your configuration.yaml file


    - sonos
    - samsung_tv

Or…literally just delete discovery: from your config.yaml.

discovery is great when first starting out but eventually, once you know how things work, becomes a right pain as you’re finding.

Clicking on configure works like mad too (unless they are configured)

The only discovered componet I use is Wemo, after it’s discovered wil it stay there after restart?

I hate the configure window too! Lol how do I keep that window away?

For whatever reason, deleting discovery kept me PI from restarting…