Frontend errors after Hassio update to 0.80.x: groups empty on iPhone app?

not sure what I could do to test, but after updating my Hassio instance most of my groups are empty… Have another setup, on Hassos, and all shows fine.

I can login, both new Auth and legacy, no other issues so far, many groups are empty though. Have reloaded and emptied cache. Updated custom-ui. Browser on laptop is ok now, App on iPad is ok too.

App on iPhone still having issues and many frontend errors:

/frontend_latest/app-93c90961.js:91:1362 TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating '[e]')

\also this is flooding the log:

Unable to remove unknown listener <function async_track_point_in_utc_time.<locals>.point_in_time_listener at 0x6e54d3d8>

Any hints please?

i dont think .80 has been released and is still beta. Best course of action is letting the devs know in the beta channel in discord