Frontend hangs after some time without interaction


I have read many articles and tried many things, but without a solution :

I open many tabs in the browser and one is HA (local HA connection). Everything works as it should, but after a few hours I come back to the HA tab, which shows my dashboard. If I now interact with the dashboard, the reloading of the browser has also come to the puke, and I have to wait a few minutes, then I can reload the page and everything works as it should.

This always happens when an open browser is not operated for too long, including dashboards that are distributed in the house. There I force constant reloads with Fully Kiosk browser to minimize the problem.

The HA server is running and interacting fine at this time. Open a new browser ore app on other device is working to. Only the session is freezing and I get no idea what I can do.

Thanks, Steffen

PS: If the session freeze, I try reload at the browser, the reload starts but finished not (reload icon would be cancel). After some minutes I try again and again and then suddenly it reloads and everything is working fine.

It looks like when I activate debug mode, it doesn’t freeze.

The server runs as HassOS on ESXi without powersaving being activated by me. All other systems on the ESX also react permanently and if I come from another device it is also possible, so the HA instance should not have a general problem or?