Frontend has become unusable or maybe its just soo slow?

Hi there
I have recently upgraded the frontend to the latest version, i have noted the web frontend is becoming massively unresponsive now.
I get a spinning wheel and some pages just reporting

Error while loading page -

This seems to be affecting any browser, i have 4 different versions and just tried it in all of them, including firefox which i only use for some firewall devices i have to build. So its never been in that cache.

What i am finding is the Overview Home page always works, i can swap back to that and find it responsive and can turn on and off lights etc, but if i got to “configure UI” , it will change to edit mode, showing the pencils, but if i click the pencils nothing else happens, it just flashes over.
I cannot get into file editor, supervisor nothing will load.
If i go to a page - click refresh, it asks me to login, and then the page might load and i have 3-5secs to do something like server controls restart before it starts the spinning wheel again.

Can anyone help, as its rendering the HA unusable other than to turn on and off lights…


Find a stale browser window/tab open to Home Assistant and close it. If you look at the HA logs and that they have lots of issues like this, that’ll fix it. There’s a change coming in 0.112 that will disconnect stale/non-visible views and should hopefully prevent this from happening in the future.

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Thanks Rob

I also noted a issue with a custom_component, ZHA network map was causing the system to be slower than normal, but this didn’t resolve the actual page issues and main problem, just added to it!
I’ll leave it off for now, i usually just use the app and that hasn’t had many problems, but the web page, every time it refreshes it asks to login, which is strange on most systems i have used it doesn’t do that, but i needed to alter some settings which were painful via the phone!

I am getting this too when I leave another tab open somewhere still on .117.5, also since somewhere around June timeframe.

Sometimes I want multiple tabs open for debugging. It should be possible.

I am not getting the " Client exceeded max pending messages" messages in the logs though.