Frontend History Graph Boolean - Disable On/Off in Bars?

This is a gonna be a quick and defenitly not urgent one :slight_smile:
There is no Way to remove the States (On Off) in History Graph Cards for Booleans, isn’t it?
It really doesn’t make it nicer or easier to read :face_with_monocle:


No way currently.
Could be a good FR: add an option to set a mode:

  • do not show labels
  • show localized device-class-dependent labels if available (like Connected / Disconnected) - default
  • show localized on/off labels

Too bad, but was expecting that. Yes, maybe a FR (but there are many more important :smiley: )
Thanks for confirming!

Registered a FR

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In the meantime, you could use the custom “History-Explorer-Card” found in HACS (Frontend section), which lets you do exactly what you are looking for.

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Awesome, Thank you! I might just dive into the FR-Section… :wink:

I will have a look at it, Thanks! :slight_smile: