Frontend reload function

HACS have a feature where it will pop up with a request to reload the frontend UI.
I guess it is to make sure the web browser cache is cleared of old artifacts.
Would it be possible to also make such a function a ailable in HA.
Sometimes the web browser cache is just a mess and I can try to clear it up with the functions available in the browser, which sometimes also clears some important cookies and the like.
But I can also check if a HACS frontend integration is ready for being updated, which brings up the pop up and that also always clears the problem.
I hope it is just a quick copy of the code from HACS.

With the cursor anywhere in the dashboard, type c, then start typing reload. All those things are available to reload including the ‘all’ button. That should work for you. Quick bar - Home Assistant.

Plus this:

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Thanks for the reply, Sir_Goodenough.

The “type c and reload” option is only reloading configuration files and not the actual UI.
I think maybe post 30 in your first link have something useful, because it has cache buster included, which is important here.
The rest of that thread is just about a refresh function and so is the second link.
The problem is that I have no clue where to put that code from post 30 and I would also like to use that function to help newbies on the forum when a force refresh is needed, which makes it unusable for that.

The important features to me is the ability to have the function readily available as a standard feature of HA, so newbies can be guided to it on the forum and that it will make a hard refresh/clear browser cache.

Isn’t this doing enough?

Not always and not even with CTRL/Shift or whatever you press to try and force refresh a webpage in your browser.
I would say most of the time it works for me with the force refresh, but I have a hard time trying to explain newbies on the forum what to press to force refresh their browser.
Just clicking the symbol will make a normal refresh, but that means it will read the faulty cache again.
It needs to be a force refresh and the way to do it is different on each browser and even among same browser but on different OSes.