Frontend shows wrong status for lights

Hi all,

After 2021.11 update my frontend shows lights turned on when they turned off and vice versa. For example in below screenshots Living Room Bookshelf Light and Floor Lamp are actually turned off but Ceiling light and tv backlight turned on. But on the card view they are showing exactly the opposite. When I switch from card view to switch view they are in the right status. I couldn’t find a way to solve this. Restart, deleting the widget and re-adding it wont solve the problem

Anybody having the same problem and found a way to solve this?

My lighs on frontend (card view)

Their actual status (switch view)

The only one with a different state is Living Room Ceiling Lights. It appears unavailable in the first card. Do you have the entity id correct?

It is not unavailble, it shows currently turned off but actually it was turned on at that moment. The other thing that I noticed that it only happens on mobile app. When I open the web front end, light statuses are correct.

Seems a general issue with the iOS App since iOS 15