Frontend with custom component garbled upon HA restart

I have that issue that, most of the time, when I “reboot” HA (restart the docker container), the frontend on my ever-on tablets become garbled due to custom components not (yet) being recognized (see below).

Can something be done about it (I just have to restart the companion app) or is it just a fact of life when using custom components?

I was looking at a way to restart/refresh the app through automations, but I saw in another thread that this was not implemented because those kind of issues should not happen…

is android webview up to date? if so usually we direct users to the custom card author to resolve the issue.

I have to check the webview version. It’s a repurposed tablet, so might run an old Android version.

It’s all custom cards, so I don’t think it’s linked to the card itself.

oh interesting, yea id check that webview is up to date, another thing you can do is enable webview remote debugging and see what errors show up in the console window

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FWIW, the System Webview is 95.0.4638.74 on Android 5.1.1 on one of the tablets.
Not really sure how to check if that’s the latest version of webview for that OS level.

For comparison, webview on my Android 13 phone is

yea I think those updates stop at a certain version in the play store but I think HA supports a lower version. Cant seem to find the table I had noticed before but I do recall older android versions stop updating at a certain version. Looking at apkmirror 95/96 does seem to be it for android 5.1{"minapi_slug"%3A"minapi-21"}/