Frontier silicon media player renamed after 2023.8 installation

After installing HA update 2023.8 last night all 4 of my frontier silicon radios were renamed, some into their default name ( radio model), one is now named “media_player.frname” (whatever that means…) I know this name was possible to change in the past by going to frontier silicon integration and hit “rename”. But now it doesn’t work anymore - i can rename device in frontier silicon integration page, but media_player remains at old name.

Is there any way to rename them back? I have tons of automations and scripts for this… Now i’ve had to go back to 2023.7 to get them back to work…

I found a solution: it’s not possible to rename radio in radio’s settings, but you can do it via web. So i renamed all my radios to the name i’ve had before and now it’s ok:

http: 192.168.x.y/fsapi/SET/"name of your radio"

just don’t forget to alter pin if you changed it. Then remove your radio from frontier silicon integration and re-add it. New name will be “media_player.name_of_your_radio”

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