Frustrating: my person entity simply gone


Very strange thing is going on on my HA right now. When im trying to set a new automation and add a condition based on zone I cant find my person entity in the options list, not only that I can’t find my person entity, I actually can’t find any entity at all. What the hell is going on here?

The text in this screenshot is in Hebrew because I’m from Israel, but I believe you can guess what is written there

absolutely not.

Good question, and because the entire interface is not in English, this English speaking forum will not be able to help. Please retake your screenshots in English. Please take the time to look at point 0 in the FAQ

Fair enough, here it is in English:

Your person does not have a location attached to it. Verify that your person contains a device_tracker with lat/lon attributes.

What if the person entity has two location trackers attached to it? That also turns the person entity unavailable. But why??? It’s so silly.

Maybe. But I recommend reading the Person Dokumentation first.