FS20 STR-2 with raspberrymatic and CuxD Addon on hasso show no devices

my Setup.

Raspberry Pi4 with Supervised Docker install.
RaspberryMatic is rdy installed an running.

My Homematic classic Devices are still running too.

The Addon CuxD is on RaspberyMatic installes an running.
3 x FS20-STR-2 devices are configured in CuxD and RaspberryMatic.

On RaspberrMatic i can control the FS20 devices.
Here all is running.

Normaly all Homematic Devices are automaticly shown in Home Assistant, but the FS20 Devices not.

But why?

Because CuxD uses a different protocol which is not supported (binary RPC instead of XML-RPC, and there’s no Python library for that).

Good Morning,
i have often see the CuxD line in the cofiguration.yaml.
Ok, what is the right way to import the FS20 Devices from the raspberrymatic CCU to hasso?

Then you have seen incorrect configurations where people have tried it without success. I don’t know of any way to use FS20 devices with Home Assistant unfortunately.

Edit: this might work: GitHub - helpsterTee/cul-hass-mqtt: A lightweight Python3 parser for publishing FS20 messages from a serial CUL device to home-assistant using a MQTT server or GitHub - hobbyquaker/cul2mqtt: Interface between Busware CUL and MQTT

Thanks for aour post.
I think this installation is then without the raspberrymatix cux-daemon und mqtt on HA und node-red?

But, is there any way over the cux-daemon und onboard addons?

You still need raspberrymatic for the classic HomeMatic devices. So if you have one machine with Home Assistant (OS) + the raspberrymatic add-on, you need another separate machine where you can run the CUL-mqtt service. That of course would only work if you have a CUL-dongle. But as stated above, I have no experience with this and can’t tell if this will actually work. To be honest, I’d rather recommend you replace the FS20 devices with ones that are supported already.

No. As mentioned above, there is nothing (that I know of) that can talk to CuxD using Python (which is what Home Assistant is coded in).