FSR - the best bed occupancy sensor

For the folks who observe the noisy, only slightly reacting on pressure measurements (below) - high chances the sensor is broken and needs replacement:

Same line after replacement:

Used 60 cm FRS sensor from Ali (here widely discussed). Sensor came highly bent.

The broken sensor visually looks fine, even better then the working one, but don’t deliver sensible values (±50% noise around the pressure level, not possible to compensate/average in reasonable time).

To exclude other sources of problems I’ve switched the ADC lines, so it was for sure the sensor.
I also tried to add 65nF capacitor on sensor line - no difference.

Is anyone selling these premade? Not comfortable with soldering. I would need 2 for each side of a king bed.

Tried pressure mats which didnt work because our bed is too heavy. Currently using an aqara fp2 presense sensor but its not too reliable for sleep tracking since small movements mark us as “not in bed”

Thank you in advance

@tom_l I have a crazy “indestructible bed” designed to have low strain/high ridgity on the base.

Any thoughts on whether this solution would work ok on this bed or is it a matter of try and see?

I think pressure will get transferred through the mattress, just limited flex (I don’t think that will matter?).


The firmer your base the better. It does not work on flexing. The weight is just transferred through the mattress to press on the sensor.

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I’m working on a product for sale that’s currently in the prototype phase. DM me if you’re interested in helping with some beta testing.


Following. I’d be interested as well.

I’d be interested in this as well

I just used a 100k with fine adjust and it works well for one sensor at about 97K and one at 3k on my board.

I actually got this https://www.amazon.co.uk/100-100K-Multi-Function-Potentiometer-Variable-Resistance/dp/B085MFG11C

but the 100K where fine for both and super adjustable with no drift.

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For those interested in a purchase option, I’m making good progress toward a dual sensor that mounts to a bed slat. You can find out more at https://www.elevatedsensors.com/ and even sign up to get an email when we start shipping.