FTP server with upload scripts?

I have been using Hassbian, and I have been using pureftpd with an upload script that allowed me to send with Telegram the images that my cameras send by Ftp when motion was detected.

But now I switched to Hass.io, and I can’t install pureftpd. The ftp server addon doesn’t seem to allow upload scripts. So… how can I do it with Hass.io?

I answer myself: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/folder_watcher

but how did you setup the FTP part to put the files on the server?

Using the FTP server add-on

For the file uploading part of your problem, I might have an easier solution. I created an add-on to automatically upload files from Home Assistant to an external FTP server:

New Home Assistant Add-on: LFTP Mirror