Fuel level of Seat Leon 5f

I’d like to track the fuel level of my car, a Seat Leon model 5f. I already tried standard bleutooth OBD2 dongles combined with a Android app like Torque but it wouldn’t report the fuel level. maybe there is a hidden code?

Does anybody know a working solution (preferably German)?

If you get it to report back to Home Assitant, please tell. I’ve tried to do the same, bout only found this; ODB+Tasker+Home Assistant

Thanks for the link. The first problem I have to solve is to actually get the fuel level over OBD2. My car won’t show in when I open up Torque. Do I have to set a special PID for that?

There is a scanner plugin in Torque. Not sure if it can find fuel level. I have a cheap BT dongle in a Citroen and it doesn’t find all values… :frowning:

A lot of cars (talking from VAG group) only report the minimum around needed to comply with country rules and regulations for ODBII

I know VAG (VW Audi group) only report the minimum amount and then use their own code/language for everything else.