Fujitsu ducted reverse cycle airconditioner - Controller recommendations?


I’ve got a Fujitsu 12.5kw ARTG45LHTA system installed in my house, and it has a standard wall mounted touch panel, with iZone keypad for zones, but I want it to be accessible via WIFI, and hopefully integrate into my HASS.

Anyone have any recommendations for controllers I can fit and available in Australia (or via internet).

Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

You ever find anything for this?

No, never got a reply and didnt check into it further. Would be interested if something comes up though…

I would look into the MyAir controller from Advantage Air. I’m not sure how possible it is to retrofit to your existing zoning system though. Their support line is pretty good so I’d give them a call.

Unfortunately it’s not yet integrated out of the box with home assistant, though there is a local JSON/REST API available and I and others have worked on some integrations with home assistant. The functionality provided by the advantage air apps is quite good so to date I’ve used it standalone.

You would want to check as I may be wrong but I expect that the MyAirController will only control the zones that the air is ducted to, and not the A/C temp etc.

When I had a similar Fujitsu system I looked at getting their external interface card. (I sold the house before getting stuck into it). The card allows ON/OFF control and I think a fault feedback. You dont get temp or fan control but if you leave the system in AUTO at a temp you like, you can remotely turn it ON and OFF. The interface card would need to have something like a NodeMCU and relay wired to it so it could be integrated into HA. One option if you dont find something better

If anyone is after this info, I’m going to end up getting a Intesis controller ( INWFIFGL001R000 for the Fujitsu ducted system, and the iZone buttons basically cant be controlled which stucks. The intesis controller cant interface with the iZone buttons or vanes to control each room.

I may end up getting a ESP32 or sonoff relay to trigger the physical buttons from solder pads on the back (if I can be bothered)

I have Fujitsu - General Duct AC. I am planning to use Intesis WIFI controller with Intesis cloud application. hopefully later will integrate it with HA.

It already does. There is a Intesis integration. Look above.

Also to note, the model is changing, apparently this month the new model is arriving which is what im waiting for.

Fujitsu also sells a thermostat converter box and then you could wire up an Ecobee, or other home assistant compatible thermostat, for example.

Using this converter box will break a lot of advanced functionality of these Fujitsu systems. I was advised strongly against using the thermostat converter by my installer and by a Fujitsu remote controller / interface engineer.

TL;DR - Fujitsu remote controllers (even the hard wired things, not IR) are two way communication with the heat pumps. Thermostats (even the fancy “smart” ones) are just one way fire / forget. I was told things like inverter and other features of the heat pump (which differ from a regular AC / furnace) don’t play well with one way comms.

ALSO - there was (unclear if fixed) a known issue with the big ducted heat pump units from Fujitsu - as soon as you connect that wired thermostat converter to it it irreversably writes to the heat pump’s memory and you cannot go back to the wired remote / bi-directional communication. The only fix was unit replacement (motherboard replacement) and Fujitsu wasn’t too keen on going down that path.